Thai Flavours

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Occasionally, there are nights when cooking my family dinner just isn’t going to happen. I tend to start looking through the takeout menus and usually gravitate towards Thai food. We also end up going to Thai restaurants for dinner a lot when going out with friends. The flavours are so delicious and intense they seem almost impossible to recreate.

We put together this board to show you that it is totally possible to achieve the general flavours of Thailand in your own kitchen. They may not be the most traditional recipes but they will give you the flavours you’re craving. There are many other flavours that are traditionally used in Thai food but we focused on ones that are more readily available at most grocery stores and that people are generally familiar with.

We used the flavour board to create our Thai flavoured chicken wings found here. I also used it recently to put a spin on traditional hamburgers. I seasoned them with lemon grass, coconut milk, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and lime. Although this might not be in anyway a traditional Thai recipe it still gave me the flavours and essence of Thai food.

Let me know how you are using this board to create your own recipes.

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