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Party Hosting Tips

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I have been getting tons of requests for the after shot of my Halloween party table so here it is! In case you missed my Instagram story with some of my top hosting tips here they are again.  Get organized! Make a list of all the food you will be serving, including snacks, chips... more

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Crostinis are a staple at any cocktail party. There’s so much you can put on a small piece of sliced and toasted baguette — the possibilities are almost endless! We made 7 that we really think you’ll love. There’s some sweet, some savoury, and some with a bit of both... more

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Thai Flavours

By: Allie Goodman | 0 Comments | | Category: Blog, Individual Spices, Spices | Tags : , , ,

Occasionally, there are nights when cooking my family dinner just isn’t going to happen. I tend to start looking through the takeout menus and usually gravitate towards Thai food. We also end up going to Thai restaurants for dinner a lot when going out with friends. The flavours are so delicious and intense they seem almost impossible to... more

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Game of Thrones Premiere Night Eats!

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Beer Caramel Popcorn

I don’t know about you, but I love getting ready for the season premiere of my favourite shows. I get comfy on the couch with my snacks and drink and settle into watching. Game of Thrones is a HUGE deal around the world and fans have been waiting over a... more

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Flavours of Italy

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I like using this board as inspiration for when I want my food to have an Italian essence. I know that using these herbs and spices will give me the essence of the region and the combination of them will taste great together. It’s a great way to build confidence... more

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How to Shuck an Oyster

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How to shuck an oyster

This video teaches you how to properly  shuck an oyster. It also tells you how to tell if an oyster is good or bad, and how to store them before cooking/eating. more

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